Here you will find testimonials from just a few of our countless satisfied patients. There’s no better way to find out what we can do for you than by hearing it right from the smiling mouths of our clients!

Our caring nature, comfortable environment, and amazing state­-of­-the­-art technology all combine into an amazing place to preserve your dental health.

If our current patients have good things to say, imagine what you’ll be saying after you get the same great care! If you’d like to learn more about all the treatment options we have available, take a look at our services page.

Ali Reynolds

I was really nervous about coming to the dentist, I kept putting it off. So, I made my first appointment, found out the process, and it all made me more comfortable knowing that I can come and be relaxed at the dentist.


Before, I didn’t like my smile. Now, I’m the one jumping in front of the camera, I’m way more confident and I just love smiling!

David Wiggins

You know, going to the dentist is probably not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but I actually enjoy coming here. Dr Whatley and the girls make it fun and they really have a way to make you feel comfortable…even though your at the dentist.

It’s a great place, a great environment, Dr. Whatley is a great dentist, he’s cutting edge, he stay’s up with the latest technology, it’s a lot of fun and the main thing is, they make your teeth look great!

They get me in, they get me out, they do a good job, make my teeth look great…I’m happy.

Kathy Morehouse

I used to cover my mouth with my hand, I didn’t smile a lot…because of my teeth. After I went to see Dr. Whatley and since I had my procedure done, I smile all the time; and a lot of the time people can’t tell that I’ve had work done because it looks so natural. Getting my new smile, makes me smile more. I am happier, I laugh more, and it make me feel better about myself.


It’s comfortable, a good atmosphere, they really care about your needs, and you really feel like family around here. They treat you good and I recommend anyone to check in with them.

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Although I am fortunate and have dental insurance, I wanted to respond to your email. I was overwhelmed with your generosity to a community in need and wanted to thank you for providing a much needed service to those who will undoubtedly be extremely grateful. Bravo…very well done!!! Thank you!!!!”


During a recent interview, another dentist complimented my veneers—funny thing is, I don’t have veneers. Thank you Dr. Whatley for keeping my teeth healthy and bright through the years!

Cherish L.

Thank you for your caring and special support of my dental needs for many years. I enjoy the services I receive from you and your professional staff and know that if I need you, you are always just a phone call away. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Patsy H.

Dr. W and staff sent me flowers after a surgery (breast cancer). Such an unexpected and thoughtful surprise. Dr. W. saw me during Christmas vacation and came to my rescue.

Charlotte P.

Beside keeping my teeth in wonderful working order… I love you for being “Prince Charming” for one of my lifelong favorite ladies, Dorinda. Thank you for sweeping her off her feet, caring and loving her and giving her the life she so richly deserved.

Dottie G.

Alabama Family Dental is by far the best dentist in Mobile! They go out of the way to make sure that each patient is comfortable and has a great experience! I recommend them to everyone!


Love the atmosphere. I was in and out in no time. I didn’t have to wait. I love the layed back music to take my mine off what was going on. I enjoy all the workers. They are so nice!


Friendliest staff I have ever met. Dr. Whatley knows how to give the best numbing shot. I have always dreaded going to the dentist because of the shot, but not now.


Every time I have an appointment at Alabama Family Dental it is a wonderful experience. They definitely care about the patients needs! I recommend everyone I know to use Alabama Family Dental!


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I haven’t had the best experience with a dentists until in started visiting Alabama Family Dental. Doctor Whatley is a remarkable dentist. DeAnna, very helpful and always willing to assist me when I call.


I came in for an emergency appointment and was treated so well! The hygienist looked at my x-rays, examined my teeth, and asked lots of questions to make sure she got the full story recommending treatment. Everyone in the office is so nice!

Lauren C.

Dr. Whatley is the only dentist that I haven’t dreaded going to see. He is always considerate of the patient and goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and at ease with a mix of humor, good music, and treatment. And he always manages to hire the prettiest hygienists.

Jonathan Y.

They were able to schedule my appointment quickly and appreciate the timeliness! Excellent Service!

Caroline C.

Rachel is the best dental hygienist I’ve ever had. She is very thorough. I love all of the staff at Alabama Family Dental. They really make you feel like family.

Nicole S.

I love being a patient at Alabama Family Dental. They really go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.

Rhonda H.

Today I had a 6 month checkup. I love Dr. Whatley but because I have sensitive teeth I don’t look forward to a cleaning. I had the sweetest hygienist, Rachel- she was awesome! She made my visit so pleasant. Rachel, you rock!!!

Teresa C.

I have totally enjoyed my experience with Dr. Whatley and his staff. I love my gospel music they play for me! All of his staff have so much compassion. Dr. Whatley is the BEST!

John F.

The people here are very friendly, professional, and Dr. Whatley is good at his job. I personally trust him very much- I have referred other people to him. Dr. Whatley is fast and professional and his employees are super.

Jamie B.

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